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Body Balance Pilates Studio is a boutique mind-body studio in the Irving Park area of Greensboro that offers private, semi-private and group Pilates, as well as TRX, Functional Fitness and Yoga sessions. We are a group of skilled, creative and inspired instructors who are dedicated to your optimal health and wellness. We use a caring and customized approach to support your individual needs and fitness goals.

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Our team of highly trained instructors have diverse experience and specializations. Each of us brings a unique and empowering style to our private sessions and classes.  We welcome everyone to our studio!  We deliver quality training programs suitable for all fitness levels. Contact us for an initial assessment, or to schedule a private or semi-private session.

Our sister studio, Core X Pilates Studio, is located across the parking lot from Body Balance.  Core X offers slightly larger group classes utilizing the Pilates Springboard and TRX Suspension System.  Learn more here!


Reach Your Fitness Goals

We work with a wide range of clients who have an equally wide range of fitness goals. Browse our gallery to see how we can help you meet yours.  

for TRANSFORMATION in the new year!   


According to research, the 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to cement a permanent lifestyle change.  Committing to a goal for 21 days is the first habit-forming phase of shifting to a stronger body, a healthier lifestyle, and a more inspired you for 2022!    


Overarching Goals: 

·     To strengthen your core & improve spine flexibility for outstanding overall health 

·     To create a lifelong habit of confidence & exceptional posture

·     To enhance your whole body’s strength, bringing about physical and mental shifts into the heart of fitness - the one, true core of health.


Package includes:

1.   60 minute workshop: to inspire & establish your unique intention for 21 days of habit forming success + Pilates foundation workout session

2.   21 Days of UNLIMITED Access to any Core X Studio class: all classes are in a small group setting with personalized attention

3.   Mindfulness Journal

4.   Core X Tank Top

5.   Celebration!: At the end of 21 Days with reflection and next steps

6.  Inspiring Motivation: reminders & tips to keep you accountable 


  BONUS: Meet new, like-minded friends & feel amazing in your body! 




Start Date: Sunday, January 9th 

Celebration Date:  Saturday, January 29th


Investment In Your Health:  $249 purchased before Jan 1st!    $289 after Jan 1st    

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